Support Services Introduction

MECA utilizes support services in conjunction with the arts to ensure that community members are served in a holistic manner, meeting their social and emotional needs.  Students receive academic assistance in the form of tutoring, mentoring, school advocacy, SAT preparation, and assistance with college selection, application, enrollment and financial aid.  Youth and their families receive crisis intervention, substance abuse education, counseling and referrals for long-term counseling.  Additionally, students find positive peer support through structured field trips and guest speakers that instruct youth on life skills.

MECA also offers academic and artistic scholarships to college-bound students through the Support Services Department.  Support services are made available to students in all MECA programs, and are open to all community youth and their families.  In addition, MECA collaborates with local service organizations to provide counseling referrals, life-skills training and parenting classes.

MECA recognizes that a student’s well being is related to the well being of family members and others whose lives may touch that of the child.  Therefore, support services are made available at no charge to all family members of MECA students.  Through the receipt of social support services, several MECA parents have been encouraged to return to school and have obtained vital legal, emotional, financial and other assistance.

To inquire about receiving support services or to serve as a volunteer, please contact:

Liz Salinas, Associate Director of Programs

1900 Kane Street

Houston, TX 77007

(713) 802-9370 ext. 17

Fax: (713) 802-9403