Arts Series Introduction

MECA’s annual Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts Concert, Residency and Exhibit Series features a diverse line-up of artists presenting classical, cultural, jazz, experimental, and popular forms of music, dance, theater and visual art.  Performances are held at MECA’s auditorium and outdoor pavilion in the Old Sixth Ward, and are provided to the community at free or reduced cost.

The purpose of the series is to: present art that addresses social needs and issues; explore and celebrate diverse cultures; and provide residency and performance space for artists.  In addition, MECA strives to expand awareness of the arts as a mode of collaboration between cultural centers, artists and community members.

Resident artists provide workshops and master classes to the community.  These experiences are important for MECA students, who gain a glimpse at the demands and rewards of working as a professional artist.  Furthermore, community workshops and forums allow residents a channel for the creation of art that reflects their needs and values.  Previous resident artists include:

  • Jarina Carvalho
  • Dallas Black Dance Theater
  • Adela Dalto
  • Paul Flores and Julio Cardenas
  • Ruby Nelda Perez
  • Monica Palacios
  • Progress Theater
  • Elio Villafranca
  • Curt Warren and Erick Unsworth


MECA is a member of the National Performance Network and National Association of Latino Arts and Culture. 

                                        NPN                 NALAC