Arts Education After School
MECA’s After-School Arts and Residency Program provides youth a safe environment and constructive activities after regular school hours.  Students in the program participate in music, dance and visual arts classes, attend workshops and master classes with guest artists and artists-in-residence, and perform at end-of-the-semester recitals, as well as at festivals, holiday concerts and community events.  Classes are delivered Monday through Friday, from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  MECA charges nominal registration and class fees, based on a sliding scale of family income.  Families that are unable to pay may provide volunteer hours in lieu of tuition.
Additionally, all students enrolled in the After-School program are eligible to receive support services such as tutoring and counseling at no additional cost.  Studies show that sustained engagement in the arts nurtures the development of intellectual, social and personal competencies, in addition to increasing arts skills.  MECA’s use of support services in unison with arts education magnifies such impact.
Parental involvement at MECA is high, reflecting MECA’s philosophy of family inclusion to ensure the academic and artistic success of students.  Family members are given active roles within MECA through volunteer work, and are provided with workshops on such topics as finance, law, parenting and job skills.  Parents also may receive support services at no additional cost.  It is MECA’s policy that parents of enrolled students should expect to attend orientation meetings each semester, and provide volunteer services periodically. 


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