Arts Education Dance

MECA’s dance classes promote physical fitness while exploring creative expression and cultural diversity.  Dance students perform in end-of-the-semester recitals, and have opportunities to participate in special workshops and master classes.  Classes include warm-up exercises to promote injury prevention.


MECA’s most popular dance discipline is Mexican Ballet Folklórico.  Mexican Ballet Folklórico is a traditional art form that combines elements of classical ballet and folk dancing.  These colorful dances are frequently performed at celebrations and festivals.  Choreography, costumes and accompanying music vary by geographic region, and may depict local animals, attire and folklore.  MECA’s Mexican Ballet Folklórico ensembles are frequently invited to perform at community celebrations, festivals and other special events.  The program was recently featured in La Voz de Houston; click here to read the article.


Available dance classes include:

  • Capoeira
  • Classical Ballet
  • Hip-Hop Dance
  • Jazz Dance
  • Mexican Ballet Folklórico
  • Modern Dance