Multimedia Public Art

MECA has a long history of leading and supporting the creation of public art.  MECA’s largest public art project was the creation of an art park in the Old Sixth Ward; however, numerous schools in Houston also display MECA-led murals and sculptures.  These projects involve MECA students and other local youth, and help build community cohesion.

Public Schools

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Old Sixth Ward Park

The Old Sixth Ward art park is located at 1600 Lubbock at Trinity (three blocks east of MECA), and features a mural, sculptures and a wall of facemasks.  The mural, entitled A United Community, overlooks the park from the side of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, and was designed by renowned mural artists Pio Pulido and Sylvia Orozco.


Dow School

The entrance to MECA’s home, the historic Justin E. Dow Elementary School building, is graced by a sculpture of the traditional image of La Virgen de Guadalupe – formed out of recycled soda cans.

To the left of the entrance sits the Dow School Green, an outdoor performance pavilion.  The pavilion showcases two tile murals and a sculptural marquee; these projects were designed and constructed by students in MECA’s Summer Arts Program and ProjectBuild job-training program.

The interior of Dow School is host to several murals completed by MECA students.